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The Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 in Details

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Diabetes, as we know, is indeed deadly if not taken care of properly. It not only makes you insulin-dependent (type 1) because of the excess production of glucose in the bloodstreams but also paves way for several other diseases which can even lead to multiple organ failures and death in severe conditions.

The type 2 diabetes is not insulin dependent as the pancreas is capable of producing some even if a person suffers from the disease. The severity of type 1 diabetes is more than type 2 but the signs of diabetes type 1 and 2 are common in several aspects.

We Will Have A Detailed Discussion About The Symptoms Below

The common symptoms include

Fatigue And Hunger – Our body convert the food we eat into glucose. This glucose is further used by the cells as a means to provide us with energy. But this conversion cannot be done without the support of insulin. When the production of insulin is lessened, or zeroes down to nil, the cells cannot use the glucose to produce energy. Thus we feel more tired and hungry when we suffer from diabetes.

Excess Urination – It is quite evident that diabetics have to use the loo more often than the normal people. However, the reason behind this is not known by many. When the glucose passes through our kidneys, it gets reabsorbed through the passage. But in the case of diabetics, the kidneys fail to reabsorb it and thereby leads to the production of more urine- the reason behind frequent urination.

Itchy Skin – The more you urinate, the more dehydration occurs in your body which is a solid reason behind itchy scales in the skin of the diabetics due to the dryness.

Dry Mouth – The exact reason for dryness due to dehydration for itchy skin is also responsible for a dry mouth in the affected persons.

Blurred Visions – The fluids in or body keeps changing when we are affected with diabetic symptoms and that in turn affects the lenses of our eyes to an extent that they swell up. This can cause blurred vision in the affected person.

The Unique Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 1 Are

Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 1

Weight Loss – As in this type of diabetes, there is almost no production of insulin, the energy production is also lowered down. Thus, the body utilizes the muscles and the fat presence of the body to fill up for the energy loss which in turn leads a person to lose weight.

Nausea And Vomiting – Frequent fat burning leads to ketone production in the body which can accumulate in the blood at dangerous levels. Excess ketones cause the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

The Unique Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 2 Are

Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 2

Yeast Infections – As yeast feeds on glucose, you can be attacked with plenty of yeast on your skin to be particular, which causes infections.

Slow Healing Of Wounds – Extra sugar flow in the blood sometimes leads to nerve damage that instigates slow healing process of the wounds.

These above-mentioned symptoms develop from a time when a person becomes affected by the diseases. The high rise of the glucose levels in the body of the affected persons and the inability of the production of enough insulin literally brings forth these symptoms.

It is well recommended to see a doctor whenever you feel these symptoms are developing and refusing to die down soon. So, the next time you feel sick with symptoms of weakness, belly ache, suffer from thirst issues or start peeing a lot, then do not take it lightly and see a doctor soon.

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