Venom Would Not Signify Poison, This October: It Is the Movie Long-Awaited (#Venommovie)

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Are you a big Marvel comics fan? Do you want the characters coming live on screen? Do you also want to feel the action along with them? Then you are at the right page, for today we are going to discuss everything about the October 2018 release venom which would justify with your Marvel movie craving entirely.

The superhero-based movie is originally adapted from the Marvel comics where venom is an original character. It is a treat to the spectators as it is made with high rated VFX and upgraded cinematography that would keep the audience hooked to their chairs till the end. Children would love it more even if they’re not a big Marvel fan.

Movie Details


To start with, we would first know the entire cast of the movie venom. It has Tom Hardy playing the lead role which is of venom or Eddie Brock. The parallel female lead is played by Michelle Williams whose name is Anne Weying; she is also playing Eddie’s girlfriend in the movie. Riz Ahmed is playing the role of Riot aka Carlton drake.

The other supporting cast includes Reid Scott, Scott Haze, Sope Aluko, Woody Harrelson, jenny slate, Michelle Lee, Mac Brandt, Ron Cephas Jones, Scott Deckert, Christian Convery, Marcella Bragio amongst others. The film is directed by the famous director Ruben Fleischer and produced by a group of three producers- Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, Avi Arad.

The screenplay is done by Jeff Pinkner, Will Beall, Kelly Marcel, and Scott Rosenberg. The music and cinematography are done by Ludwig Goransson and Matthew Libatique respectively. The slated date of the release of venom is 5th October 2018.


Interesting Facts To Know About Venom Before You Fix Your Movie Date

  • As is evident by the cast and direction, it can well be understood that this move is going to be fantastic in visual terms but part from only these facts, there are other reasons why booking the “first-day first show” of venom is totally worth it. Know them below
  • Because it is based entirely on the Marvel comic character, the originality of the movie is a plus point for the marvel lovers. You can find uncanny similarities between the lead role played in the movie and the original Marvel character and thus chances of liking the movie increases by three-folds.
  • It is well-known fact that the trailer of the movie is loved by a mammoth number of people and thus it can be well understood what the entire movie can make us go through; it seems a promising journey. So, it is also one such reason to go and watch the movie on the first day of the release itself.

  • As per the comics, if the character is entirely adapted then it can be summarized that the approach of the storyline would be a bit funny. That means children are going to love this movie to a greater extent
  • The contrasting character played by Tom Hardy; one of venom (the symbiote) and the other of Eddie Brock (the multi-layered and complicated guy) is sure to make us go round the table with their performances.
  • Tom Hardy himself is a reason why many of us would go to watch the movie because of his ability to perform fantastically
  • And not to miss the smart screenplay and the direction which is sure to attract us to watch venom this October 5

These are some of the reasons why you should not give a miss to venom even if you are not a Marvel fan. So go and book your ticket in advance before it’s too late 🙂

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