Things To Be Taken Note For Your Marriage (Checklist)

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It’s been believed that couples are made in heaven. And indeed this is one of the biggest event of any family, either rich or poor. It’s a way by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent.

While making your wedding to-do list, you need to take care of everything from the little stuff to the big stuff. It’s not about how you have planned for the last moment days; instead it’s the whole 12-month plan which you should be prepared.

When you are 12months away, you start getting the feeling that there is a lot of time with you. But it’s already time to start planning for the big day.


  • Start from choosing the day or if possible try to keep some alternate dates this makes the preparation more flexible.
  • It’s time to choose your wedding party: Either it’s the maid of honor and bridesmaids, Best man and Groomsmen, Flower girl and Ring Bearer.
  • Start planning your budget.
  • Don’t miss out to ensure your engagement ring and also look out for wedding insurance.
  • Start looking out for venues.
  • It always becomes very crucial when it comes to selecting the wedding pro’s whether its wedding planner, photographer, videographer, caterer, florist or the DJ.

When you are 10 -11 months away its time to actually get involved with the scene.


  • Start with compiling a guest list
  • Start choosing your bridal party attire and accessories.
  • After looking out for venues, it’s time to reserve your venue, so that you can get your favorite venue.
  • Fix your photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ, and planner.
  • Make sure you have started taking care of your health. If needed join a gym and follow a beauty regime.

When you are 9-6months to go.


  • It’s time to start deciding arrangements with your floral designer.
  • Don’t forget to fix your wedding cake and make sure you taste it.
  • The wording of your wedding card is also very important. Sit and discuss with you stationery nerd of your wedding invitations
  • Look out for hotels for out of town guests and don’t forget to book your own suite for the wedding night.
  • Bridesmaid plays an important role in the marriage. So make sure you start shopping for dresses for your bridesmaid/flower girl. Give your attendants clear instructions on how to place their orders.

When you are 3-5 months to go, the big day is approaching and so are the preparation chores. Make sure you are following the wedding to-do list such that no stone is left unturned.


  • Once you have done with your testing the food from the different vendors, start finalizing the final menu.
  • Finalize the guest list. Make sure you don’t miss out on the important people.
  • It’s the time to decide on your favors and gift bags. Start brainstorming on that.
  • If you have been planning to write down your own vows/promises that are to be taken on the big day, then it is the time. Start thinking about what those should sound like for you two as a couple.
  • Select the readings but if you are planning to look out for some other non-religious options for your reading then make sure you give as much guidance as possible.
  • Meet with the officiant and invite him or her to the rehearsal dinner.

When you are 2 months out:


  • Start sending rehearsal dinner invitations, this can also be sent with the wedding invitations.
  • Check out the fitting of your wedding dress.
  • Pick up the marriage license. Every state has different laws and requirements. And make sure you as a couple, your witness and your officiant sign on it.

Then comes the big day. Everything has been planned as per the wedding to do list and now it’s time to just have a go through all the important points. Either it’s having a final venue walk-through or breaking in your wedding shoes.

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