Top 10 Web Technologies That Are in Trends

Guest Post: Top 10 Web Technologies That Are in Trends to Watch in 2018

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Different types of modern web technologies have changed the way of our lives. The use of different web technologies is rapidly growing in our personal, professional, and industrial life because they help us to remove mind-blowing hassles, allow individuals to complete different tasks easily and effortlessly, and save valuable time, money, and resources. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 web technology trends for 2018. Let’s commence the journey.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence tech blog
The term “artificial intelligence” was invented by John McCarthy. Since the invention of computers, their ability to perform various tasks continues to grow exponentially with each passing day. The main aim of researchers in the field of artificial intelligence is to create computers or machines as intelligent as a human being.

So, we can say that Artificial intelligence is a way to make a computer, a computer-controlled robot or a program think like a person. Big companies, such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Baidu, and Alibaba are investing huge sums in the development of their AI capabilities.

It allows companies to recognize patterns and make predictions in advance so that they can serve the targeted customers in an effective way. Now, AI is widely used to determine the target audience for online advertising, recommend products, in augmented reality and in cars with autopilot.

The exponential growth in the volume of digital data, the scale of computing power and the genius of algorithms foment has forced the world’s technological giants to invest in AI to overtake each other in this area and get more business opportunities. On the other hand, pessimists warn that AI can destroy jobs, violate laws and unleash wars in the distant future.


bitcoin Cryptocurrency tech blog
In simple words, Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that does not have a physical presence. In this monetary arrangement, the coin is protected from forgery as it is an encrypted information that can’t be copied. It is issued directly on the Internet and is not connected in any way with any ordinary currency or with any state currency system. Because of several benefits, different countries and companies use it on a large scale. It has both pros and cons.

Pros Cons
24*7 Availability Banks and other supervisory and supervisory bodies do not have the ability to control the flow of this currency. So, the chances of financial frauds are always high.
You can verify the reliability of the operations performed at any point of time. Many countries have imposed restrictions on the use of virtual currencies and violators can be fined.
Anyone can obtain virtual coins due to the openness of the code. Cryptocurrency is highly unpredictable as it depends on the current demand. It can change as a result of changes in legislation and due to other factors. For this reason, there are frequent fluctuations in the price of virtual money.
Unlike classical electronic money. it is impossible for a third party to obtain information about the owner of a cryptocurrency purse. Insufficient safety
The Cryptocurrency is not subject to inflation and the commission is charged exclusively on all transactions. You need to remember a special password to access the electronic money. If you forget your password, the cryptonyms in the wallet become inaccessible sooner than later.
Cryptocurrency is an independent monetary unit, which is not regulated by the law enforcement agencies or governments.

Cloud Technologies

cloud computing Cloud Technologies tech blog
The cloud technology market is growing steadily with each passing day and is gaining new users every day. Leading business organisations use this technology to store a large amount of important data safely on cloud servers, operate different business activities at all the times using different mobile devices, personal computers, and laptops. It facilitates business mobility and allows companies to save valuable resources.

On-Demand Apps

On Demand Apps tech blog.jpg
These days, iPad, iPhone, Android have entered the life of modern and tech-savvy folks as mobile devices are the main to go online at any time and perform different actions. A company that wants to maximize its audience. Always create On-Demand Apps to reach out a large number of customers in a short time span, allow customers to conveniently book services and perform calculations for them, and get messages about discounts, special promotions, bonus programs, and personalized news easily and quickly.

Business Automation with Software

Business Automation Software tech blog
When a business organization plans for development, expansion, possible entry into new segments or any other variant of company growth, manual management “devours” time and resources up to a great extent. This is where automation comes in the picture. With business automation, companies can significantly increase the speed of their work and boost the income up to a great extent. It also reduces the requirement of the workforce up to a great extent.

Internet of Things

iot Internet of Things tech blog
Always keep in mind that The IoT concept is based on the ubiquitous spread of the Internet, mobile technologies and social media. It aims to make the world more convenient, simpler, more productive and safer.

Virtual Reality

vr Virtual Reality tech blog
All those people who constantly monitor the development of information technologies are well aware of the popularity that virtual reality. Always keep in mind that the possibility of virtualization of a number of familiar objects appeals to numerous professionals regardless of their activities.

Many folks like to present their products not through ordinary presentations, but by using the means of the virtual world. It makes it possible for them to present an impressive amount of information to the targeted audience and make sure that all the familiar elements are much larger and more attractive to see.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality tech blog
In 1994, Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino described augmented reality as a kind of space between reality and virtuality. This technology projects any digital information (images, video, text, graphics, etc.) on the screen of different devices.

These days, stationary and projection systems, glasses and augmented reality lenses are some of the main devices of augmented reality. Always keep in mind that the Portable devices (such as mobile phones and tablet computers) are the most budget-friendly way to get in touch with augmented reality.

Stationary systems are widescreen screens equipped with high-resolution cameras to demonstrate more realistic visualization and help people understand different things easily and effortlessly. Experienced business leaders use this technology for automating business processes, increasing productivity, training employees, reducing production waste, improving the efficiency of logistics processes and ensuring occupational safety.


Chatbots tech blog
The active use of chatbots is one of the important trends these days. This tool can give certain advantages to online store owners and website operators. More and more buyers appreciate the direct contact and want to communicate with sellers personally so that they can ask questions and get appropriate answers promptly.

The chatbot is able to replace call-centre operators to a certain extent as it works 24 hours a day to answer the questions of customers instantly and helps you to increase the loyalty of visitors to your online store. We all know that a chatbot is a service (a virtual digital assistant) supported by artificial intelligence. They react only to certain commands. Chatbots that work using machine learning communicate with people effectively and answer their questions on the spot.

New Approaches to Ensure Network Information Security

Network Information Security tech blog
We all know that security management requires round-the-clock vigilance to track every change in an organization’s corporate network. The relationships with suppliers, customers, partners, etc., and security management are the main task of any organization.

In order to effectively manage security effectively, you need to have some kind of approach that allows you to use all the available human, financial and other material resources to build a reliable information security system.

Therefore, each manufacturer is trying to offer their own approach based on their knowledge and experience to protect information at all costs. Statistics reveal that 85% to 97% of attacks against corporate networks are not only blocked but not detected. The active use of Adaptive Network Security is increasing with each passing day.

Final Words

Different web technologies are being used these days to make human life better and comfortable, streamline business processes, and ensure the flow of information on the web. These are the top 10 web technologies that are in trend in 2018. Keep these things in mind to grow your business by leaps and bounds. Good Luck.

Author bio: Stephen Chong works as a writer for Fonbell Solution, an IT firm offering web-based services and Software Solutions In Singapore. He would love to share the experience, knowledge, and thoughts with others on the web.

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