Guest Post: How AI Technology Is Transforming Mobile App Development

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Mobile app technologies have evolved over the years, with several tech disruptions emerging from time to time to change the face of apps. Who could have imagined a decade ago that it would be possible to try out an outfit in a virtual try room right on the phone? The advanced technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have made it possible. There are several other technologies that have contributed significantly to the growing popularity and futuristic features that mobile applications are associated with today.

Another technology that has come to the forefront as a true winner on the app development front is that of Artificial Intelligence. Also referred to as AI, it is the ability of a system or application to replicate human intelligence in specific situations. This is one technology that has made smart-apps smarter than ever. No wonder, AI is generating interest amongst the users and developers alike. There are more than one ways in which the integration of Artificial Intelligence enhances the mobile app features and capabilities. Let us see how AI empowers mobile apps today and marks a new beginning for this domain.

Data Analytics

Data has become a powerful business asset today as it serves rich insights that can drive viable decisions for any enterprise. But unstructured data is of no use unless the business is unable to unlock its potential. The integration of Artificial Intelligence into is mobile apps is a great opportunity for businesses as it enables the analysis of the usage patterns and behavior. Additionally, such apps provide demographics related to the location and contacts of the users. The entire information serves as a reliable tool for businesses so that they can use it for taking decisions and formulating long-term strategies.


Personalized User Experiences

The AI-based apps are capable of understanding the user preferences and expectations on the basis of their usage patterns. Accordingly, they can tailor a personalized user experience to match their needs. Chatbots are the best example of integrating AI into mobile apps. They act as smart virtual assistants and offer seamless support to the users who come up with some queries and issues. Similarly, there are apps that have been designed to deliver personalized recommendations to the users on the basis of their search history and app activity.


Voice Searches

AI technology fuels the innovative concept of voice searching with the help of apps that use a voice interface along with the device microphone. It empowers the smartphone users with the ability to search for specific products by simply speaking product names or even identifiable keywords. This amazing functionality is stepping up mobile apps by making the navigation smoother and more efficient. Futuristic businesses are investing in AI-based apps which integrate intelligent voice interfaces to enable searches with the help of voice.


Smart Devices

Yet another way in which AI technology is making a visible impact in the mobile app space is by fueling smart devices at home and for businesses. There are apps that use AI for driving home and office automation. Such apps control smart devices and gadgets to improve life at home. When it comes to industrial IoT, there are specialized business apps that come into play to trigger automation of processes and systems so that they can be monitored and controlled even from remote locations. AI-powered smart platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri are also being leveraged by app developers to add a new dimension to the mobile apps. These platforms serve as the backbone of the voice search technology.


AI is a fast-growing technology that has made massive progress in just a few years and it is poised to grow even bigger in the coming time. Undoubtedly, it is going to be a part of every mobile app in the future, considering the unmatched benefits that it can drive for businesses. From enhancing the user engagement to streamlining the efficiency of processes, unlocking rich insights from raw data, and helping the business to gain a competitive advantage, the list of the benefits of AI-based apps goes on and on. Therefore, investment in this technology is not going to be a choice for businesses in the future and they would definitely need one to sustain and stay in the race.

Author Bio: Mayank Sharma is an Android developer who works for Mobibiz, a leading mobile app development company that caters to a wide range of apps for different platforms. He specializes in the latest app technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In addition to his rich expertise and valuable experiences in the Android platform, Mayank is also fond of writing technology-based articles and blogs for reputed tech websites.

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