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Best Fortune Telling Apps to Learn About Your Destiny

The future is all but certain and few know for certain what awaits them. Will your job interview go well? Will he call? Will you be able to retire to that tropical island? All of these and many more are questions we have no way of answering using common empiric methods. Should we then be left in the dark? If …

Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Laptop From Damage

We are living in the age of technology where the usage of mobile phones and laptops is increasing. Without the internet or any of these gadgets, it becomes impossible to work as we are largely depending on it. 

As much as using it makes our efficient and easy, one has to take the necessary steps to protecting the gadgets. 

UAE Is Becoming The World’s First Smart Power With Smart Technologies

The United Arab Emirates use of cutting edge technology is driving the region into becoming one of, if not the most, “smart” country in the world.

The city of Dubai, in particular, is known to be one of the most innovative cities. Traditional architecture, planning, transportation and sustainability measures are being left behind as ‘what could be’ with

Impact Of New Technological Innovation By 2030

According to the 2019 review, International Trends 2030: Substitute Planets, published the US Nationwide Intellect Authorities, four technological innovation arenas will shape global financial, public and army improvements by 2030. They are technological innovation, automated and manufacturing technological innovation, source technological innovation, and wellness technological innovation.

Information Technologies

1. Alternatives for storage and processing bulk of details information, like …

The 15 Biggest Questions About Google Stadia New Game Streaming Platform

Recently, at their GDC panel 2019, which was highly publicized, Google announced their introduction to the world of gaming through Google stadia.

Introduction of  Stadia From Google: A New Game Streaming Platform

They have provided many such pieces of information through which it is well understood that they are intending to bring a major changeover in the world …

Affect Of Technology Trends In Business Sector

In the past few years, we are witnessing a huge leap in the evolution of technology. Now we could see the technological invasions in almost every part of an individual’s daily life schedules. Proving that the growth in technological improvements has seldom had an end; an evolutionary growth is still resuming in the technology trends. This growth in technology …

7 New Innovation Technology That Startups Need In 2020

Our whole planet has come to rely on technology since the day that humanity realized it could do more by using systems and tools than by relying on the body of an individual. Since then we have been able to produce some of the most astounding pieces of architecture, robots with the ability to think and learn from their surroundings, …

How To Record Efficient Macro?

Macros is an automation tool that has been in use for a very long time. The macro recorder allows you to achieve more in a significantly less amount of time. Macro recorders have been used in achieving process automation since the time when these were invented. If you are conversant to Visual Basic Application and also the Microsoft office software, …