Online Gaming: How The Blockchain Is Influencing Video Games

The gaming industry is currently experiencing a real boom and more and more gamers are drawn to consoles and PCs. This industry now earns more than the entire Hollywood film industry and the reasons for this are many. New technologies are constantly being added to help developers improve the gaming experience and further captivate gamers.

But it is not only video games that continue to evolve; casino games are also following this trend. One notable innovation in the field of gaming is the linking of it to the blockchain. It is increasingly being used in all types of games. For those who like to play for real money in casinos, the is a good place to go, because there you can find a detailed and, above all, objective overview of the casinos on the net all over the world. The blockchain is currently shaking up the gaming market and providing some innovations in this area. In this article you will learn how exactly the games are influenced by the blockchain.

Why the blockchain is used in games

Blockchain is a real asset in many areas, with many companies around the world already using it to optimize processes, better track supply chains and generally make their systems more secure. Now the new tech has also reached the world of video games and seems to give them a new touch.

The great thing about linking blockchain and video games is the reward for the players. This is because players are rewarded with cryptocurrencies or NFTs in the so-called crypto games and can take advantage of them. So the aim is to convert the time spent and the skills of the players into cryptos or NFTs. However, these types of crypto games are still in their infancy, which can still be seen in the rather rudimentary graphics and game mechanisms. But as is usual in the gaming industry, these games are developing very quickly and will soon have reached a level that is in no way inferior to the most popular titles.

Crypto games or blockchain games?

Crypto games are very often confused with blockchain games, but this is in the nature of things. However, these two types of games are fundamentally different from each other, even though there are many similarities. Crypto games differ from blockchain games in that they involve a specific cryptocurrency. What this means for players is that in crypto games they can win cryptos if they achieve certain goals. But it is not only the winning of a certain cryptocurrency that distinguishes these games. But also that the exchange of certain things won in the game can then be exchanged for a certain currency.

In contrast, blockchain games can be defined as games that use the technology of blockchain themselves. This improves the games and makes them more realistic. The advantages of the blockchain, as they are often discussed, improve the games themselves. These advantages are, besides the decentralized structure, the traceability of certain processes and the independence from a central authority. In addition, game developers can use the blockchain to protect themselves against external censorship and thus offer players a better gaming experience.

The current situation of the Games

Blockchain games are still rare at the moment, but it is to be expected that games of this kind will soon become more common. This is also shown by the fact that many development studios are currently working on blockchain games and trying to push this niche market. One example of this are collectible cards in games that can be played or acquired as NFTs using the blockchain. Here, the advantage of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) comes into play, which ensures that the trading cards are unique and that the blockchain is used to record who owns the respective card. In this way, everyone can track when the card is sold to another player and this player is then entered in the blockchain as the new owner.

Thus, in the future, all video games that function on the basis of collectible cards could be equipped with the blockchain. Collectible items are used in many games, such as football simulations, where players can draw or buy their idols as cards. The tokens that the players receive would then be unique and could serve as a reward for a completed goal.

The criticism of payable content

In the past, games that follow the motto “pay-to-win” have repeatedly been heavily criticized. On the one hand, because this encourages players, especially young ones, to put a lot of money into video games. On the other hand, the criticism is based on the advantages that players can buy with money.

This influences the results and players who invested more achieved better results. With the help of the blockchain, this principle could now be a thing of the past, because players receive rewards in these games that they can only achieve by gaming themselves and not by paying as before.

The following list includes titles that reward players with cryptocurrencies:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Eos Knights
  • Splitterland
  • Gods Unchained
  • Bitcoin-Riddle
  • Crypto-Planet
  • Neon District
  • Upland
  • Bitcoin-Solitaire
  • Counter Strike

The reality of the games

However, the type of games described that reward the players would then be classified more as crypto games and not as pure blockchain games. There are still very few true blockchain games, so not many players have been able to enjoy these new games yet. However, there are already some good and playable titles in the field of crypto games that will also be very successful in the future. The reason lies in the reward system, which ensures that the time spent and the skills can be converted into real money. In this way, these games follow the trend of eSports, because now ordinary gamers can also earn money by gambling.

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