Our Team of Authors

We have a team of exceptional writers. They hail from different industries, each offering distinctive knowledge and insights through their craft. Our writers are not just storytellers but modest individuals sharing their life’s precious savings (i.e.knowledge).

The key differentiator of Suntrics is its diversity. Each writer brings a unique blend of creativity & innovation. Through our guides, knowledge & tips, we ensure that our readers receive the correct source of information.

Author 1

Alfred Allen

Editor in Chief/Founder

Alfred Allen, founder and editor-in-chief of Suntrics, is a blogger, content marketer, and editor with experience in diverse industries. With a master’s degree in Journalism from Parkland College, his work has been published in various websites, and magazines. His write-ups are a true example of his rich experiences and his eventful life. Alfred can usually be found voraciously reading or playing with his three kids when not writing. Whinney, Adam, and Alex.

Author 2

Kathrin Titman

Senior Editor at Suntrics

Kathrin Titman is a hands-on writer and a well-versed ex-healthcare professional, bringing over 12 years of experience in nursing to her storytelling. With a BSN Degree from Widener University, her profound observational skills and empathy towards people have enriched her writing and storytelling skills. In her spare time, Kathrin devotes her time to her family and several NGOs which fuels her creativity.

Author 3

Roy Cranston

Editor at Suntrics

Roy Cranston, hailing from Scotland, brings in the unique combination of Scottish persistence & American business intellect. With an MBA from Northern Illinois University, Roy has spent over 8 years developing business acumen and mastering strategic planning, finance, and people management. Traveling from country to country and drawing inspiration from various businesses are the things he likes to do.

Author 4

Hanna Bold

Technical Writer at Suntrics

Hanna Bold, a pioneer in the world of technology, has 5 years of experience crafting tech stories. With veteran tech experience & a master’s degree in Computer Science From Michigan Technological University, Hanna has been pre-eminent in the area of innovation.

Author 5

Randall Bluford

Creative Writer at Suntrics

Randall Bluford, a published author, a wordsmith, and a writing coach, possesses a Master’s in Arts in English (M.A.) from the Catholic University of America. With a handful of over 8 years of experience, Randall has dug deep in the domain of literature, communication, and concepts, honing his craft with compassion and finesse.